14Sep 2012

Traction on the SuDS manual

Early stages of developing the proposal and funds for the update of the CIRIA SuDS manual seem to look promising. So far good interest has been shown by the Environment Agency, Defra, SEPA, Scottish, Government and the Highways Agency. Interest has also been shown by a number of manufacturers, consultants and sewerage undertakers.


The update of the SuDS manual provides a great opportunity to update the guidance provided on the design process, evaluation and managing liabilities for those involved in SuDS delivery. It also provides an opportunity to improve the criteria being developed for amenity and biodiversity, better linking it to urban design and place making. It should enable developers and local authorities alike to become even more intelligent clients when it comes to planning, designing, evaluating, constructing and maintaining SuDS.


Further information on this proposal and CIRIA’s other related research can be found here.

Paul at susdrain and CIRIA

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