CIRIA, the Construction Industry Research and Information Association, is an organisation like no other. We are a truly independent, not-for-profit and member based organisation. Wherever there is a need for collaboration on an issue of shared interest, we act as the honest broker to help groups of organisations come together, reach consensus and agree best practice.


Our expertise in research management and the design and production of industry guidance has resulted in a reputation for high quality, authoritative and widely disseminated outputs. Many of these have been adopted as industry standards for best practice. All of them demonstrate our members’ commitment to industry and the pursuit of performance improvement.


In conjunction with our ongoing research programme CIRIA offers a full range of member support services including publications, networks, information services, training and conferences.


Our 500+ members come from all construction stakeholder groups and cover both the supply and demand sides of the industry, as well as public sector champions, regulators and academia.


Membership of CIRIA provides your organisation with a cost effective means of developing and improving your business, of staying informed and of gaining leadership and influence. Through sharing your ideas we can build best practice and make performance improvement your reality.


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