Designing for exceedance case studies

Twelve case studies were developed to showcase approaches to designing for exceedance and potential measures that can be used. The case studies cover new developments, regeneration and retrofit covering a wide range of approaches involving various stakeholders, particularly the public.


The case studies have been collated into a single report (CIRIA C738c Case studies) or individual case study reports. These can be selected from the table below.

  Retrofit New development/
Altering urban
1. Aston Y   Y Y
2. Bodmin   Y Y Y
3. CPR   Y Y Y
4. Dudley Y   Y Y
5. Dudley PFAP Y   Y  
6. Dublin Y   Y Y
7. Glebe Farm   Y Y Y
8. St Blazey Y   Y Y
9. St Ives Y   Y  
10. Torquay Y   Y  
11. Upton   Y Y Y
12. Witney Y   Y Y


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