Update of the CIRIA SuDS Manual

The SuDS Manual (C753) 2015.


A copy of the The SuDS Manual (C753) is available from the CIRIA website

A number of answers to frequently asked questions have been pulled together for those using The SuDS Manual it can be downloaded here.

Simple Index Approach (SIA) to assessing water quality management requirements

A SIA has been developed on behalf of SEPA to support the implementation of the water quality management design methods set out in the SuDS Manual, with appropriate cross referencing to the relevent 'Design Conditions' in the tool it can be used for all the UK. The instructions and guidance can be found on the introduction page of the tool.

The Simple Index Approach (SIA) Tool (V26 MS Excel)



Checklists were produced as part of the Manual, these have now been updated. The checklists have also been produced as word documents to enable modifications to suit your individual requirements and can be downloaded below.




SuDS planning and design process (MS word)

Scheme design assessment (MS word)

Health and safety risk assessment (MS word)

Infiltration assessment (MS word)

Proprietary treatment design checklist (MS word)

Filter strip design checklist (MS word)

Filter drain checklist (MS word)

Swale checklist (MS word)

Bioretention system checklist (MS word)

Pervious pavement checklist (MS word)

Attenuation storage tank checklist (MS word)

Basin checklist (MS word)

Pond and wetland checklist (MS word)



Construction assessment checklist
(MS word)

SuDS Construction Specification Clauses (pdf)

Maintenance and adoption

Maintenance inspection checklist (MS word)

Adoption handover ckecklist (MS word)

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