Combining urban design & SuDS

Where possible, retrofit SuDS should be built on the surface instead of being buried underground like conventional (piped) systems often are. When water is managed above ground, the boundaries between what is the built environment drainage “infrastructure” becomes blurred. So it is important to consider retrofitting SuDS as an integral and integrated part of urban design.


Any retrofit of the built environment will directly affect the quality of life of a community. Urban design is about the design of places for people. Once considered in this way, the role of SuDS in urban design becomes much easier to understand.


Retrofitting SuDS can be seen as a good opportunity to create better urban communities. To maximise the potential benefits:


  • SuDS should be consistent with good urban design
  • urban design should embrace the principles of SuDS.

Intregrated Retrofit - SuDS

Retrofit pond and rill - SuDS




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