Why choose SuDS?

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) present an opportunity for developers to add value to their scheme whilst at the same time meeting local planning requirements around increasing sustainability and managing flood risk.

Adopting good practice SuDS on your next site could save you time and money - both of which have a major impact on your bottom line - but that is not all.

Here are our top five SuDS benefits for developers:

  1. Speeds up the approval process
    Embracing a well-designed SuDS scheme encourages a faster approval process and facilitates positive planning outcomes.

  2. Saves you money on Capital costs
    A Cambridge housing development was reported to be 11% cheaper to construct than a comparable traditionally drained site, and another development in Leicestershire was reported to be 16% cheaper.

  3. Makes your development more attractive
    SuDS enrich the aesthetic and recreational value of a development, promote health and well-being and support green infrastructure. Ultimately, making it a more attractive and desirable place to live, work and play.

  4. Makes your investment go further    
    Land values and house prices located next to high quality SuDS components, incorporating well maintained open space such as ponds, swales and basins typically attract as much as a 10% premium on the selling price.

  5. Could reduce the costs of maintenance
    Integrating SuDS into the site not only ensure the best use of space but could potentially reduce the costs of maintenance. For example; costs to sustain the SuDS scheme in Lamb Drive, in Cambridge were £38/per property, per year – 4% cheaper than the average equivalent for a traditionally drained system.

A full list of SuDS benefits is available to view here.

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