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There is growing evidence to suggest that just being in the presence of green space improves people's quality of life and health with evidence being produced by Natural England and the Forestry Commission. However, at the moment it is challenging to value these impacts. This is consistent with research at the European Union level which recognises that

“indications exist that close contact with nature brings benefits to human health and wellbeing, but the mechanisms are not well understood”

and a report for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment, which concluded that

“it is not possible to accurately value, at the present time, the health benefits of created exercise due to additional green space provision” (Mourato et al, 2010).

Health and wellbeing benefits pathway

It may be possible to evaluate the benefits from new walking or cycling opportunities, and assessing the impact of increased physical activity on reducing medical costs. It may also be possible to assess the impacts on emotional well-being brought about by certain well designed and attractive SuDS components.

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