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Established over 60 years, SPEL Products have gained valuable experience and expertise in a wide range of activities from building cladding and motorway bridge fascias to vehicle cabs, chemical plant and process vessels for the food industry, fume extraction canopies, ducting, fume stacks and air conditioning plenum chambers besides sewage treatment and pollution control products.

Over the past 60 years the company has consolidated its activities to concentrate on pollution control, surface water drainage and attenuation systems, primary sewage treatment, rainwater harvesting and utilisation systems, monitoring and controlling outfalls within discharge permits.

Along with the consolidation of our activities the company has invested heavily in buildings and plant and equipment of the very latest type to ensure it has not only the capacity to meet the future demands but the ‘state of art’ production facilities to provide quality and competitive solutions.

SPEL is a global operation with distribution facilities and partners throughout the world.

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