susdrain SuDS Awards 2018

CIRIA is delighted to announce that our first susdrain SuDS Awards 2018 is now open for entries. The Awards invite leaders from across the construction industry to showcase outstanding and innovative SuDS schemes, with a focus on projects that deliver multiple benefits beyond drainage alone. It also provides a unique opportunity to nominate SuDS Champions integral to the delivery of SuDS.

This year we are accepting entries for the following categories:


  • susdrain Retrofit SuDS

  • susdrain New-build small scale SuDS (less than 10 properties / 1.0 hectares)

  • susdrain New build larger scale, collective SuDS (10 plus properties / 1.0 hectares)

  • susdrain SuDS Champion Award 2018

The winner of each category will then be put forward for the Overall Winner award.

Enter the 2018 Awards


  1. Choose a relevant category relating to your SuDS scheme and nominate your SuDS Champion.

  2. Complete the susdrain SuDS award case study form using the submission guidelines to support you.

  3. Nominate your SuDS Champion – complete the nomination form

  4. The submission deadline is Friday 30 March 2018. A shortlist will be announced in June.

  5. Winners will be announced at an award ceremony on Wednesday 18 July at City Hall, London. 

Categories and guidelines:

An overal information pack on the susdrain SuDS Awards can be downloaded here

Find out more about the 2018 Award Categories here.


  • This year there are three award categories and each enhancement can enter one category.

  • There will be an overall winner for the scheme that demonstrates the greatest achievement in delivering SuDS across the pillars of water quality, water quantity, biodiversity and amenity

  • The awards are free to enter.

  • Awards judging guidelines can be downloaded here.

  • Case studies submitted to susdrain over the last two years will be accepted, providing an opportunity for those submitting to update content. Organisations will be limited to two submissions per category.

Good luck!

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