Benefits of pervious surfaces

SuDS pervious surface

One benefit that constructed pervious surfaces have to offer is assisting in the achievement of sustainable planning policies. Such policies include:

  • Environment Agency SuDS promotion policies.

  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) SuDS promotion policies.

  • National policy statements – make referencing to the use of SuDS.


Pervious surfaces that are used in suitable locations and designed, constructed and adequately maintained following guidance produced by CIRIA or Interpave should provide a cost effective and durable source control technique.


Other benefits of using correctly designed, constructed and maintained pervious surfaces include:


  • Reduced peak flows to watercourses, reducing the risk of flooding downstream.

  • Reduced effects of pollution in runoff on the environment.

  • Can be used in high density developments with a range of surface finishes that accept surface waters over their area of use.

  • Reduced need for deep excavations for drainage, which can have significant cost benefits.

  • Flexible solution that can be tailored so that construction costs suit the proposed usage and design life.

  • Costs are comparable to or lower than traditional surfacing and drainage solutions (providing all the costs are taken into account).


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