susdrain SuDS Awards shortlist

We are delighted to announce that the following projects have been shortlisted to receive recognition in one of the following categories in this year’s susdrain SuDS Awards;

  • Retrofit SuDS
  • New-build small scale SuDS (less than 10 properties /
  • New build larger scale, collective SuDS (10 plus properties > 1.0 hectares)

One of the following projects will also be selected as susdrain Overall Winner 2018.

Award winners will be announced at susdrain's sumer event at City Hall, London on 18 July 2018. Click here to find out more and book your place.
Access Road at Jehovah’s Witnesses Headquarters, Chelmsford
Alma Road Rain Gardens, London
Fleetwood Crescent, Peterborough
Grey to Green Phase 1, Sheffield
Heron Court Rain Garden, London
Rathbone Market, London
Ruskin Square, Croyden
Southwell Rd Community De-Pave Garden, London

St Andrews Park, Uxbridge
Sustainable Drainage Estates, London
Woodberry Down Regeneration, London
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