29May 2018

A new beginning for SuDS in Wales

Following consultations in 2017, the Welsh Minister for Environment has now signed the Commencement Order which brings Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 into force in Wales. As a result, from January 7 2019, proposed new developments must have sustainable drainage which complies with the Ministers’ Standards and is approved by the SuDS Approving Body (SAB). The current voluntary standards (available here) will become mandatory at the same time.


In my earlier posts (June 2017 and January 2018) I highlighted the Welsh Government’s consultations on implementing SuDS for new developments in Wales. The earlier consultation sought views on using Schedule 3 as a means of requiring SuDS on new developments. The second consultation looked at the details of implementing Schedule 3. This considered, in particular, secondary legislation which provides the details of how the approval and adoption system outlined in Schedule 3 will operate.


The four statutory instruments in the consultation covered the approval and adoption processes, fees and provisions for enforcement and appeals.


A summary of the replies to this consultation, along with the Welsh Government’s response was published in April and can be viewed here. The consultation process also included workshops in Carmarthen, Llandudno and Cardiff. These were well attended and provided additional, valuable, information which was summarised in the published document and taken into account in the Government response.


We have continued to work with our SuDS Advisory Panel to further develop the final legislation, guidance and training. We are also developing a “Frequently Asked Questions” document to support implementation. We hope to run a pilot training event for local authorities’ members and staff, as well as developers and their agents in the early summer. Feedback from this will be used to refine the course content before commissioning a wider training programme,


Local authorities and the Welsh Local Government Association are now working to develop the necessary application form and ensure they are in a position to receive and process applications from that date.


Newsletters on Welsh Government’s progress with Schedule 3 implementation can be found here:

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Phil Chatfield, Welsh Government

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