Water UK seeks views on sharing data on SuDS

As the implementation of SuDS becomes more widespread, it is increasingly important that a complete and consistent record of SuDS assets exists in order that they can be managed effectively in the long-term, whoever the owner.


Water UK is currently undertaking a project to help define:

  • a standard approach to representing SuDS on sewer maps;
  • a standard SuDS referencing system;
  • the information that needs to be collected for SuDS assets;
  • a standard data model for information to be collected, stored and shared efficiently.

Further information can be downloaded here that summarises current practice and future options. 

Water UK would like to hear views on this from as many stakeholders and individuals as possible.  If you can contribute, we would be grateful if you could complete one of the questionnaires relevant for to your interest. The questionsaires available by following the links below need to be completed by 26th October 2018.

Developer questionnaire
Management company questionnaire
Local Authority questionnaire
Sewerage undertaker questionnaire


A workshop is planned to discuss the questionnaire responses and to finalise the draft proposals on 13th November in London.  If you would be interested in attending, please let us know at the end of the questionnaire (or earlier, if possible).  Numbers will have to be limited, so participants will be finalised once all the responses are returned to ensure a representative spread of stakeholders.

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