Want to provide feedback on the NSTS for SuDS?

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has commissioned research to explore whether updating the English Non-Statutory Technical Standards for SuDS (NSTS) could help deliver SuDS that provide multiple benefits beyond managing surface water runoff, contributing to improved climate adaptation, health and wellbeing and better places and spaces.

A key part of this work is to understand, through a survey how the current NSTS are used, and to recommend how they could be improved to manage local flood risk and deliver multiple benefits. The survey should be completed by those with an interest in SuDS delivery, particularly those who approve, design and commission SuDS for new developments in England.

It would be very valuable if you could please complete the survey here.

new survey

The closing date for the survey is 22 June 2020.

For those that wish to see the survey questions in PDF format, these can be downloaded below for the key stakeholders:

  • Approvers (those involved in the approval of drainage submissions, i.e. local authorities, LLFA, LPA, Highways, WaSCs

The question numbering is not in sequence as the PDFs do not reflect the question logic/construction of the online survey. We can only accept survey responses from completed online surveys from the link above.

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