New infographic showcasing the multiple benefits of SuDS

With the delivery of (SuDS) steadily increasing in the UK and the Welsh Government recently mandating their use in new developments, susdrain has launched a new infographic showcasing the multiple benefits of the sustainable drainage approach.

The ‘Save time and money with SuDS’ infographic provides an easy to follow comparison between SuDS and traditional drainage approaches highlighting the benefits of using SuDS.

These include:

• Lower capital and maintenance costs
• Increased property value
• Improved flood risk management
• Improved water quality
• Enhanced biodiversity
• Better amenity

Working with susdrain’s Partners and Supporters, we have developed an infographic that moves away from just delivering drainage and raises awareness of the multiple benefits of SuDS, helping to improve the understanding and acceptance of their value in our spaces and places.

Download it here 
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Paul Shaffer, susdrain said: “It’s this time of year that the country tends to focus on the weather and potential flooding. This new infographic helps put a spotlight on the benefits of SuDS that go far beyond just drainage and flood risk management. We hope that SuDS champions can use the infographic to help spread the message and developers will be encouraged to include SuDS in their schemes.”

'Save time and money with SuDS' aims to help developers get a quick overview on how SuDS schemes contribute to better water management and improve the desirability of developments.

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