Draft update of Non-statutory technical standards for SuDS

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has commissioned research to explore whether the English Non-statutory technical standards for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) (“the NSTS”) could be updated to help deliver SuDS that provide multiple benefits. This will contribute to improving water quality and providing better places and spaces that have health and wellbeing benefits.

We welcome your feedback on the proposed updated standards via this survey. The survey describes the objectives and desired outcomes for each standard, the proposed wording for each standard and the relevant clarification statements that will accompany the standards.

Your feedback will be used in the research project to inform recommended updates to the NSTS.

The survey should take around 25 minutes to complete and a PDF of the survey that contains the standards can be downloaded from here (we can only accept online responses).

Click here to take the survey.
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