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Welcome to the susdrain Approver Hub. This section of our website provides tools, knowledge and resources which will help you to meet corporate objectives to protect your local community from flood risk.

This page provides a wealth of resources and evidence including; case studies, videos and fact sheets supporting the inclusion of SuDS on all projects.

Our  top picks: 

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Our top picks:

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Our top picks: 

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Quick links to reliable evidence: 
  • Analysis of evidence including costs and benefits of SuDS construction and guidance - Download here.
  • Comparative costing of surface water drainage - Download here.
  • Costs and benefits of Sustainable Drainage Systems - Download here.
  • Lamb Drove Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) Monitoring Project - Download here
  • Comparative costings for surface water sewers & SuDS - Housing, Caledonian Road, Islington  Download here.
  • Comparative costings for surface water sewers & SuDS - Mixed housing development, Hadley, Shropshire  Download here.
  • Comparative costings for conventional drainage and SuDS - Mixed housing development, Daniels Cross, Shropshire Download here
  • Report on SuDS delivery highlighting the difference between ambition and practice Download here

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