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Richmond Park, London (Light case study)


A 3 m hydrodynamic vortex separator (as detailed in Chapter 14 of The SuDS Manual, C753) was installed during July / August 2017 as the first of three projects to be funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, as part of their “replenish programme”. The separator protects the Beverley Brook in Richmond Park from pollution running off from the surrounding, highly urbanised catchment.

The project was initiated and delivered by the South East Rivers Trust, who are one of three catchment based approach (CaBA) partners working alongside Coca-Cola, WWF-UK and The Rivers Trust to help replenish water in the Thames and South East River Basins, for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

A proprietary solution was selected as a plug-and-play retrofit solution that would minimise disruption for users of the park during construction and also ensure that the pre-project appearance and amenity of the park was not affected in any way.

Please download the PDF for the full case study.

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