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Goldhawk road, London (Light case study)


Goldhawk Road is a busy high street within Shepherd’s Bush. The road runs east-west through the borough and is a major bus route, serving Shepherd’s Bush and the White City Opportunity Area.

The SuDS project on Goldhawk Road formed part of a major scheme, the Shepherds Bush Town Centre Scheme. This is project was a major urban renewal scheme, widening footways, renewing carriageways, incorporating new street tree planting and improving links to the White City Opportunity Area.

The inclusion of SuDS within the major project was due to its location being within the Counters Creek sewer catchment and an internal push to include SuDS in all projects. The Counters Creek sewer catchment is well known for exceeding capacity and with increased growth/development expected within the catchment, the sewer system is nearing capacity. Following on from the sewer flooding incidents experienced within the borough, there has been a concerted effort within LBHF to start incorporating SuDS into schemes, trialling a variety of SuDS features in different street typologies. This will ultimately help LBHF understand what SuDS features work in the borough and how these SuDS features can be replicated for other highway projects.

Please download the pdf for the full case study.

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