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East Ordsall Lane, Salford (Light case study)


This project is part of a pioneering network of SuDS schemes being developed in City Centre Salford as part of the Green City Programme. The programme is designed to provide partner organisations the experience and knowledge to provide retrofitted schemes across a very urban neighbourhood.

The project features an innovative use of interpretation, to explain the scheme itself but also to educate, inform and garner support for other SuDS schemes. It can also be used by development control planners to negotiate the inclusion of these types of SuDS within private developments.

The scheme includes the planting of 9 trees of which 5 are SuDS trees within the adopted footway and 2 are SuDS trees within a grassed verge. The scheme builds on the success of a sister scheme at Howard Street delivered in collaboration with Greater Manchester City of Trees, Salford City Council, Manchester University, the Environment Agency, Urban Vision and United Utilities.

Please download the PDF for the full case study.

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