Sewers for Adoption 8 - to include SuDS

Water UK has published a pre-implementation version of Sewers for Adoption 8 (SfA8). This is expected to come into effect by mid-2019 as part of the sector’s implementation of the Ofwat Code on Adoption Agreements.

The ultimate power of approval for the document as part of the adoption code rests with Ofwat but when the new guidance does come into effect, it will be the only guide to the standards that sewers must meet if they are to be adoptable by water and sewerage companies in England.

For the first time, guidance will be provided on the types of SuDS components (not all) that can be adopted by Water and Sewerage Companies with standards on the flood risk performance that is expected. There is cross referencing to the CIRIA SuDS Manual.

To find out more please visit the Water UK website here

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