Planning advice for integrated water management

Water and its effective management are vital to life. Having too much, or too little water is becoming a national preoccupation. However, water need not be a nuisance or a challenge. With better integration, water can be exploited as an opportunity to improve our health and wellbeing.

There is a growing awareness of the important role of planning in joining up land use and water management. However, for this to happen, planners need to appreciate the importance of water, and see how to get involved in partnerships, which have effective water management at the very heart of them, creating many benefits across the board. Currently, most planners do not think about water issues in a joined-up way, and there never has been one single source of information to help them on how the water sector works.

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, with support from industry, Defra and the Environment Agency, and the TCPA, CIWEM and CIRIA, is publishing planning advice for integrated water management to meet this need. This Advice Note provides a one-stop-shop to de-mystify water management and demonstrate the benefits of building it into plans and planning decisions. It shows planners how to turn the challenges of managing water into opportunities, to provide the new homes and infrastructure that communities need at lower financial, environmental and social cost.

Over 30 case studies of best practice, drawn from across the water sector, support the Advice Note by showing planners what is possible.

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