Opportunities to become a susdrain Supporter

The contribution Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) make to the management of local flood risk and water quality as well as making better places and spaces is becoming recognised.

For well over a decade CIRIA has been central to supporting the use of SuDS and recent independent research has identified CIRIA and as being the ‘go-to’ place for information on SuDS delivery.

The susdrain project was launched in 2012 to provide a community for sustainable drainage. provides up-to-date guidance, information, case studies, videos, photos and discussion forums that help to underpin the planning, design, approval, construction and maintenance of SuDS. We have also run a number of free events where great ideas and experiences on SuDS have been exchanged through face-to-face networking.

We’re looking for ways to keep this initiative going, supporting the susdrain project provides a great thought leadership opportunity that demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to SuDS and the sharing of good practice. It will raise your organisation’s profile during what’s sure to be interesting times for those delivering and managing SuDS. susdrain supporters will enjoy a number of opportunities to network, be at the leading edge of good practice and industry change.

The proposal provides an overview of the project, objectives, the benefits and funding required.

Download the full proposal.

Update: We are delighted to announce that all susdrain Partner positions have now been filled, however there are still a limited number of opportunities to become a supporter.

For more information and to get involved, contact Paul Shaffer at or 020 7549 3300.

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