New ‘Ever wondered where the rain goes?’ animation promotes Sustainable Drainage

susdrain has launched an exciting new animation on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) that provides an engaging and digestible overview of SuDS. 


The short animation called "Ever wondered where the rain goes?" demonstrates how changes to the natural water cycle caused by development can be positively managed, and, how SuDS turns this challenge into an exciting opportunity contributing to better place making.


susdrain, together with its Partners and Supporters, commissioned the animation to promote the concept and the benefits of SuDS to a wider audience. It can be viewed at (


The animation explains how SuDS replicate natural drainage by managing rainfall close to where it falls, and illustrates how SuDS components like rain gardens and permeable paving can be used. It also celebrates the multiple benefits of SuDS including managing local flood risk, treating pollution from surface water runoff, enhancing biodiversity and providing great places for wildlife, people and communities.


Paul Shaffer, CIRIA Associate and susdrain project manager says “Whilst sustainable drainage is a relatively simple concept, it is often communicated using technical jargon. This animation helps promote sustainable drainage by communicating the drivers, opportunities and benefits in an engaging way”.


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If you are unable to access YouTube to watch the animation, please contact for a link to download your copy.

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