New infographic highlights the benefits of sustainable drainage

Recognising that Spring heralds major changes in the delivery of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), we have launched an engaging new infographic on SuDS that provides a simple overview of the drivers and benefits for SuDS.

The ‘Going with the flow’ infographic details some of the key objectives and outcomes from a sustainable drainage approach, such as improvements to local flood risk management, water quality, landscape amenity, and biodiversity.

Based on four case studies from both new build and retrofit examples, the infographic demonstrates what can be achieved with early engagement and appropriate design. The case studies highlight how SuDS can enable savings in construction costs, manage local flood risk and deliver great places and spaces.

Together with our Partners and Supporters, we have commissioned the infographic to raise awareness of the challenges that SuDS can help overcome, and emphasise the opportunities and multiple benefits that they can deliver.

Download it here (5mb)

Suzanne Simmons, CIRIA and susdrain explains “The Ministerial Statement from Eric Pickles in December 2014 placed the responsibility for the delivery of SuDS in the planning process. This is a new responsibility for Local Planning Authorities (LPA), which will mean that LPA officers and elected members need to be aware of the basics of SuDS delivery and become intelligent clients when working with other stakeholders. We hope that the infographic will provide a useful tool to improve understanding.”

Going with the flow’ complements the animation ‘Ever wondered where the rain goes?’ to help planners, elected members and other interested stakeholders get a quick overview of the contribution that SuDS can make to better water management.

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