Ministerial statement on SuDS – SuDS and planning

The Department for Communities and Local Government has made a ministerial statement to say that they still have an expectation that SuDS “will be provided in new developments wherever appropriate”. The statement suggests that the local planning policies and decisions on planning applications relating to major development (10 dwellings or more, or the equivalent) should ensure that SuDS for the management of runoff are put in places, unless demonstrated to be inappropriate.

The statement goes on to suggest that Local Planning Authorities consult with Lead Local Flood Authorities and satisfy themselves that schemes are robust and appropriately maintained. It also says that SuDS should be designed to ensure that the maintenance and operation requirements are economically proportionate. There’s an additional consultation on changes to statutory consultee arrangements for planning applications that may assist with this.

Full details can be found here:

Save the date: CIRIA will be running an event on SuDS in planning in London on the afternoon of 4 February (further details will be forthcoming).

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