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On the 25th May 2018, one of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law (the General Data Protection Regulations) comes into effect. With the flurry of information surrounding these data privacy law changes, in recent weeks we have emailed all our contacts explaining the necessary action you may need to take to stay fully abreast of CIRIA/susdrain activities.

susdrain subscribers and supporters will continue to receive news and updates as part of the benefits of your own or your organisation’s engagement with susdrain. So you don’t need to do anything.

All other contacts will need to opt-in to ensure you continue to receive our news and updates. So this means we need your okay to continue sharing future information about;

  • The latest news from the susdrain community
  • Updates on groundbreaking research projects
  • Updates on launches of good practice industry guidance
  • Invitations to exciting industry events
  • New SuDS content including; case studies, videos, infographics etc
  • Latest CPD training opportunities
  • Announcements of special offers and much more...

If you haven’t opted in via the email we sent you, from the 25th May we can no longer keep you in the loop.

Ok - so what do I do now?

If you've setup a CIRIA web account you can log in and review, update or set up your preferences using the communication preferences tab here. (Here you will be prompted to select which communications you wish to receive, CIRIA, susdrain or both.)
If you don't have a CIRIA web account, it’s easy to set up your account here. 
You're also able to change your communications preferences at any time using your CIRIA web account.

You also have a right to opt-out from these communications at any time. If you choose to opt-out, don't forget you will miss out on all our updates and offers in line with our privacy policy.

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