Industry endorse susdrain – the heart of the sustainable drainage community

susdrain, the UK’s hub for sustainable drainage professionals, has confirmed industry backing for another two years. Gathering support from an impressive 31 cross-sector organisations including, the Environment Agency, Welsh Government and Scottish Environment Protection Agency, the CIRIA led initiative is set to continue championing SuDS good practice, knowledge sharing and delivery. 

The industry and government is increasingly recognising the benefits of SuDS for managing the risks associated with climate change, urbanisation and the impacts of development on our environment. Recent policy and regulation demonstrates a growing acceptance of the role SuDS can have in flood management, delivering multiple benefits and creating successful places and spaces. Over the next two years, with a renewed focus on behaviour change across selected audiences, susdrain will deliver a number of exciting initiatives - building on its impressive catalogue of resources - to increase knowledge and confidence in the delivery of SuDS.

Now in its sixth year, with over 400+ forms of web-based guidance and over 100 SuDS case studies,, is recognised as the UK’s leading independent resource on SuDS (CIWEM, and ICE). susdrain will continue to support drainage and highway engineers, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, developers, flood risk managers and suppliers by providing the tools and resources required to deliver high quality, multi-beneficial SuDS.

Paul Shaffer, Associate at CIRIA and project lead for susdrain said; “It’s great to receive continued industry support with so many organisations returning to the susdrain community as we welcome new members too. With changes in policy in Wales, the government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and potential changes to Sewers for Adoption this is an exciting time for SuDS delivery and we look forward to working collaboratively with our Partners and Supporters to mainstream the delivery of high quality SuDS that deliver multiple benefits.”

For more information please visit, If you would like to feature susdrain in your publication in the context of managing flood risk, water quality and delivering high quality places and spaces, please contact Paul Shaffer on or +44 (0) 20 7549 3300 or on twitter @sudsulike.
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