Implementation of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) on new developments

The Welsh Government is seeking your views on the draft statutory instruments and National Standards needed to implement Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 for the use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) on new developments.
They are consulting on proposed regulations and orders which provide the detail of how the SuDS approval process will work.
The draft statutory instruments cover:
  • the procedure for applications for approval by the SuDS approving body (SAB);
  • enforcement of any breach of the requirement for SAB approval; and
  • the developers’ right to appeal decisions made by the SAB.
Subject to the outcome of this consultation, they expect to introduce the legislation into the Assembly in May 2018, with a view to it coming into force within six months.

The document also gives a summary of responses and their response to the previous consultation published on 19 May to 11 August 2017.
An on-line version of the consultation document and response form can be found here.
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