Guidance on delivering better water management through the planning system (C787)

CIRIA’s newly published guidance ‘Delivering better water management through the planning system (C787)’ identifies the critical factors required for successful integrated water management (IWM), supporting those involved in the planning process to ensure that high quality developments with good water management are cost effectively delivered.


The guide reviews and showcases good planning policies necessary to deliver better environmental, social and economic outcomes, guiding practitioners through the processes that underpin their delivery. It also includes good practice case studies and demonstrates what can be done when the critical success factors and good policies are in place.

‘Delivering better water management through the planning system (C787)’ has been funded by industry, supported by CIWEM, RTPI, TCPA and CaBA and is an invaluable source of information and support for anyone involved in UK planning. This includes local planning authorities, lead local flood authorities, developers, water companies, landscape architects and engineers involved in infrastructure and drainage.

Download the free guidance from the CIRIA bookshop here. The guidance is available in sections and as a combined document.

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