Greener Grangetown Wins Project Engineering Award

Greener Grangetown has won the Engineering Project Award 2018 at the UK Water Industry Awards, which took place in Birmingham last week.

The pioneering project, which is the first time this technology has been used in this manner in the UK, catches, cleans and diverts over 40,000 square meters of rainwater run-off directly into the River Taff, instead of pumping it over eight kilometres through the Vale of Glamorgan for treatment, before being pumped into the sea.

The scheme collects surface water from roofs and roads from twelve residential streets in Grangetown, channelling and filtering it through over 100 rain gardens before draining to the river Taff.

Plants and trees soak up the water in rain gardens, and the water is filtered through the soil and the roots which catch and break down the pollutants.
Specific types of trees and plants which are mostly native to Wales and all UK sourced, have been chosen to fit a number of criteria. They are durable, require little maintenance, are pollutant tolerant and have the ability to adapt to very wet or dry conditions.

Greener Grangetown is a joint venture delivered by Cardiff Council; Dwr Cymru Welsh Water; Natural Resources Wales; Arup; ERH Communications and Civil Engineering Ltd with additional financial support from the Landfill Communities Fund.

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