FCERM assets project

Defra has commissioned Eunomia Research & Consulting, in partnership with Middlesex Flood Hazard Research Centre and Royal Haskoning DHV, to review statutory powers and responsibilities associated with Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management (FCERM) assets across all flood risks (rivers, sea, surface water and groundwater) and coastal erosion.

As part of this research, Eunomia are holding three half-day workshops to draw together areas of consensus and disagreement around the current legislation surrounding the management and maintenance of flood and coastal erosion assets across all sources of flooding, including four key areas:

  • 'Orphaned' assets
  • Assets where FCERM is not the primary use
  • Alternative assets e.g., natural flood management
  • Riparian landowners

These workshops will take place online on Tuesday 27th June (9am – 1pm), Tuesday 4th July (1pm – 5pm), and Thursday 6th July (9am – 1pm).

Eunomia are looking for representatives of key stakeholder groups involved with FCERM management (e.g., LLFAs, coastal protection authorities, IDBs, water companies, and national agencies and associations) to participate in these workshops. In particular, we would very much the input of those who have direct experience working on issues related to the management and maintenance of FCERM assets.

If you would be interested in participating in one the workshops, then please contact Sam Hirons ( or the project manager ( who can provide more information on the objectives of the workshops and how any information provided will be used.

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