The evolution of ciriabest: From spreadsheet to spatial tool

ciriabest was first produced and released as a spreadsheet tool in 2015 ('BeST') and updated in 2019 ('B£ST'). Last year, ciriabest was converted to an online, spatial tool rendering the older versions obsolete. B£ST will no longer be available from Friday 31 May 2024.


  • encourages conversation between those involved in a project.
  • shows what benefits can be provided by a project in comparison with a ‘do nothing’ baseline.
  • is map-based, helping users to visualise the context of the project and import their own data.
  • guides the user through a structured process of benefits estimation.
  • enables a number of projects to be evaluated and compared within an identified area boundary.
  • provides downloadable PDF outputs for use in presentations, funding bids and business plans.
  • can be used in retrospect to demonstrate the multiple benefits of an existing project.
  • draws on the latest and most reliable published data, saving time and effort in locating evidence.

Check out the ciriabest animation and find out more about licence options to support your projects.
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