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The Wave surfing lake, Bristol - light case study


The Wave is a new inland-surfing lake.

The site is located around 2.5km to the southwest of Almondsbury and around 10km north of Bristol City Centre.

The site lies on a gently sloping, low lying area of the Pilning Levels, west of the Severn Ridge (along which the M5 extends).

Whilst the surfing lake will form the central experience of The Wave, the grounds are to be landscaped to provide different garden areas, woodland walks, wetland experience and wild flower meadows.

Open areas are included within the landscape and a natural swimming pool is to be created close to the main buildings.

Large areas are designated for native plants, grasses and trees to increase the variety of species and provide linkages between habitat areas adjacent to and further beyond the site.

The new wave pool itself measures approximately 200 x 200m and has a capacity of over 20,000m3 of water.

It features a pier that runs down the centre, which hosts the wave-making mechanics at one end.

The site is close to the Severn Estuary and its floodplains, which meant extensive design work was required around the management of both ground and surface water.

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