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Victoria Crescent SuDS project - light case study


London Borough of Haringey commissioned a SuDS site appraisal study for Council’s social and affordable housing estate to consider the potential for developing Victoria Crescent in South Tottenham.

We assessed and identified the communal area within for the retrofit SuDS features to improve an existing amenity space and to reduce the risk of surface water flooding within the Victoria Crescent.

These will also promote an appeal and usability of the communal area whilst helping to clean and collect the rainwater runoff from nearby flats.

The whole idea will offset the risk of flooding and pollution into downstream properties and nearby rivers.

Visually attractive appearance and interactive aspects are included within the design of the rainwater management features.

Few options have been considered regarding how they will benefit the site and greater area, and in relation to improvements to the following primary and secondary objectives:

The primary objectives are:

  • Reduce flows from the highway drainage network within area and Thames Water (TW) sewer network, hence incrementally reduce the risk of flooding in wider catchment.
  • Utilising SuDS features to achieve reduction in flood risk and flows within drainage and sewerage networks.
  • Regenerate the communal area between the flats.

The secondary objectives are:
  • Identifying relatively low-cost options.
  • Minimising disruption to the residents and nearby areas.
  • Ensuring maintenance requirements for Haringey Council are not overly onerous.
  • Improving the quality of environment.

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