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Somerset SPONGE2020 - light case study


This was one of the Westcountry Rivers Trust numerous SuDS projects in the Taunton Pilot area as part of SPONGE2020 EU part funded project with ur Somerset County Council partners.

This particular scheme is located in a sheltered housing area in Churchill Way is owned and managed by Somerset West and Taunton Council. They were instrumental in helping deliver the local engagement. Local community meetings were held which dealt with the issues the flood issues in Taunton and the role SuDS could have in urban environments like theirs.

Those discussions helped gain buy in and understand what the community itself would like to see installed in their location.

This scheme focussed on a very visual design, where the water can be seen flowing into the garden via channels into a bowl-shaped raingarden which consisted of a species rich micro habitat.

With steppingstone logs, and a recycled plastic wood park bench, the aim was for a space that the senior, less mobile residents to enjoy nature in comfort on their doorsteps.

Having the community with us throughout was very important. As well as them being involved in design workshops, planting was turned into a fun ‘celebration day’. Through the day, we had residents, local shopkeepers and even passers by helping with planting and enjoying tea and cake supplied by residents themselves.

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