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All Saints School, Newmarket (Light Case Study)


All Saints CE Primary School is a single story school situated to the south of Newmarket town centre in a largely residential area. Originally built in 1869, it was rebuilt in 1974 and has been extended several times.  The area is densely populated, and space is limited around the school (including tarmac playground and Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) on a slight incline dropping from north to south and all drained to the combined sewerage network, with the exception of a small extension draining to soakaway).

The town centre is downstream of the school, and has a history of both fluvial and pluvial flooding.

The overall strategy was to remove impermeable surface area draining to the foul network, and infiltrate the rainfall runoff into the ground. Raised attenuating planters with fun features, a rain garden, tree pit and soakaways were installed by Anglian Water which removed 0.14 Ha of impermeable surface from the foul/combined network.

Please download the pdf for the full case study.

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