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North Stoneham Park stage 1 - light case study


The SuDS components of the North Stoneham Park Development in Eastleigh consists of 18 Ponds, of which 4 are permanently wet, and 5 swales.

The SuDS cater for the surface water rainfall generated by circa 1200 new dwellings, Care Village, Local Centre, Primary School and Office Buildings.

The system was carefully designed for all the ponds and swales to interconnect following the existing drainage regime on site.

Vortex flow control manholes ensure carefully calculated time of concentration across the development for the entire system to discharge at the existing greenfield run-off rate.

The SuDS elements footprint is approximately 22,000 m2 .

All ponds are designed with forebays to enrich the natural treatment process of the generated surface water run-off. The SuDS systems across the development serve as a key component of the enriched amenity space, enhancing biodiversity and natural habitat.

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