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Newhall Valley, Sutton Coldfield



Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands



Newhall Valley is a residential development with 600 properties. The nearby Plants Brook is subject to flooding. In each of the 3 plots runoff is conveyed to a pollution control tank and hydrobrake. In the Northern plot the overflow is stored in an infiltration trench, the infiltration trench overflow travels via a pipe to a distribution trench. In the middle and Southern plots the overflow is conveyed by swale to a wetland and attenuation basin respectively.


Performance of the SuDS can be shown by looking at the results from EA sampling which indicate significant removal of:


  • Suspended solids (80% - 44%),

  • Ammonia (80% - 0%)

  • BOD (67% - 70%)


SuDS used:

The following SuDS components were used on this site:


  • Filter drains

  • Swales


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