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Ikea, Greenwich - light case study


The green roofs, blue roof and roof garden consist of biodiverse and sedum covered areas; wildflower meadows; raised urban farming beds for school, community, and co-worker use; planters; paving; and areas for community activities. All areas surround a purpose-built rooftop pavilion, which is accessible all-year-round during store opening hours. 

The roof is London’s largest accessible rooftop for people and nature. It is unusual for the public to be able to access a roof garden in London at any time, for free, especially one that offers so many secure areas for local birds, bees and insects.

The roof is used weekly for community and co-worker yoga classes, and IKEA have organised workshops and learning sessions on growing food for local schools.

The project also features 7 beautiful green roof shelters for public bike parking around the perimeter of the store.

The shelters add additional water storage solutions, provide visible green roof habitat, and bring nature close to the public in an everyday structure. Each has integrated nesting for invertebrates (solitary bees) and nesting birds. Wildflower species provide pollen and nectar for pollinators.

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