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Aztec West Business Park, South Gloucestershire



Aztec West Business Park, South Gloucestershire

Main SuDS used

Retention ponds and detention basins, with fountains, to promote the aerobic degradation of hydrocarbons

Aztec Business Park SuDS Scheme

How it works

The local authority dictated a limited flow rate of site discharge. The client endorsed and encouraged this solution, whereby excess water is dealt with in a high quality, aesthetically pleasing way. The site has a series of ponds arranged in series, two retention ponds with permanent water and then a detention pond which remains dry most of the time.

Aztec Business Park SuDS Scheme

Specific details

The system is discussed in detail by Aidan Millerick in ‘A Review of 20 years of SuDS specifications in the UK including a review of the operational experience of a 22 year old SuDS system and how recent developments may alter the design approach'

The large amenity ponds were fed from road and car park drainage. Instead of costly oil separators to pre-treat runoff, large ornamental fountains were installed to aerate the water and promote breakdown of hydrocarbons.

Aztec Business Park SuDS Scheme

Benefits and achievements

The SuDS are an integral part of the landscaping, provide amenity and added value to the office development. The area provides an amenity for office workers. The ponds were stocked with carp and silver fish, with some being subsequently removed due to overpopulation. There are normally a large number of wildfowl in the vicinity of the ponds.


The site was designed nearly 30 years ago. At that time many of the SuDS techniques now considered as best-practice were not available for use.

Lesson learned

Consideration of infiltration trenches or stone-filled drains would now be given to supplement water treatment. Manholes were provided to allow for the retrofitting of oil interceptors, rockery inlets could have been otherwise provided to provide further aeration and aesthetic interest. The ponds could include a greater vegetated margin and accommodate more shallows and native vegetation.

Aztec Business Park SuDS Scheme


The maintenance has been minimal. The fountains are inspected quarterly and a little silt build up has been noted but never removed from the ponds.

Team and details

Designer: Peter Brett Associates


Completed in 1978-82

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