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Albion Close, Lincoln - light case study


The SuDS scheme at Albion Close was designed in 2012/13, but was not formally adopted by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and Anglian Water Services Ltd. (AWS) until 2017.

This development is considered by LCC to be a prime example of an early good practice SuDS site, as it’s well thought out, incorporates the principles of a SuDS Management Train and demonstrates where, over subsequent years, important lessons have been learned that have influenced current good practice in Lincolnshire.

Albion Close is a sloping site with character in the city of Lincoln. Its development potential was constrained by several factors including multi-directional surface land slopes, its irregular long and narrow shape, surrounding woodland and green space, plus being an extension to an existing urban area with vehicle access by a cul-de-sac road.

The site is approximately 160m long and 50m wide with a 2.5m cross slope and a 7.5m longitudinal slope.

The bedrock is Jurassic Middle Lias Clay and Shale and evidence gathered at two trial pits shows groundwater at 1.2m deep at the lower end of the site, and no groundwater encountered (at a maximum trial pit depth of 2.1m), at the middle/upper end.

The development provides detached, 3 and 4-bedroom houses, each with garages, arranged predominantly along the southern edge of the site with two properties located on its northern side.

The main access into the site is a continuation of Albion Close (where it previously terminated at the head of the cul-de-sac), up the hillside and across an area of grass land and a belt of trees and hedging, used as amenity space by local residents.

The dwellings are of a contemporary design and achieve Code Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The development layout was designed to maximise the southerly aspect of the site and to serve the dwellings, a 160m long concrete block estate road was constructed with drainage infrastructure, public open space and circa 50 trees were planted.

The planning application was dated July 2012 and the planning reference numbers are: 2012/0410/F, PP-2092591 and 2013/0131/RD.

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