The Blue-Green Path to Urban Flood Resilience

Over the past six years academics from leading UK Universities working on the Blue-Green Cities and Urban Flood Resilience research projects have produced world class research outputs demonstrating the multiple benefits of Blue-Green infrastructure, resilience of urban water systems under climate and population change, opportunities to use stormwater as a resource, citizens’ interactions and interoperability of Blue-Green systems. In parallel, local partners in Newcastle have explored what these approaches mean for the city and developed working relationships which seek to influence a Blue-Green Vision for Newcastle. This led to the signing of the Newcastle Blue and Green Declaration in February 2016.

On 7 March 2019 there will be a free one-day event bringing these organisations together to showcase the progress of implementing Blue-Green infrastructure in Newcastle and the wider NE, and will celebrate the achievements of the ‘Newcastle Blue and Green Declaration’ signatories. Blue-Green infrastructure successes and ambitions will be presented from a range of local Government and industry organisations and the Urban Flood Resilience team will disseminate their research outputs.

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