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Holywell Primary School & Walsley Hills High School, Worcestershire



Rubery, Worcestershire



A SuDS retrofit project for a site which comprises of two schools. The installation of retrofit SuDS achieved a number of objectives:

  • Intercepting overland flow from adjacent land in collector swales

  • Storage of unpredictable water volumes in landscaped features

  • Cost effective replacement of conventional drainage infrastructure that was undersized for severe storms which often caused flash flooding

  • Reduction of silt blocking using silt interceptors

  • Re-routing of drainage to natural watercourses

The SuDS scheme provided features such as a cascade and wetland, which provided an amenity benefit to the community.


SuDS used

  • Swales

  • Retention pond

  • Wetland

  • Silt trap

  • Detention basin


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