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    The new SuDS Manual (C753) is releasedCIRIA has released the UK's most comprehensive industry SuDS guidance available in the UK  Read more
    Thames Water to invest 20m in SUDS initiative Thames Water has launched a £20 million campaign to invest in SuDS via its Twenty 4 Twenty initiative.  Read more
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    Ever wondered where the rain goes?

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    SuDS make sensePaul Shaffer   Winter is coming, and so is the updated SuDS manual. To say it’s an update is a tad misleading, it’s pretty much a rewrite. Much ...  Read more
    What is Good Soil?Ellyn Shea   What does “good” soil mean? It depends on your point of view. If you are engineer, you like soil that drains well or compacts easil...  Read more
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    Derbyshire Street Pocket Park, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

    Pocket Park including attenuating planters, permeable paving, small scale green roofs, rain gardens, engineered tree pits and a swale

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    Update of the SuDS Manual

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