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    Water Strategy newsletter, Welsh GovernmentWater strategy newsletter 3, April 2014  Read more
    Survey: SuDS and the Historic EnvironmentYour feedback will help improve the integration of SuDS into the historic environment.  Read more
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    Ever wondered where the rain goes?

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    Evaluation and Accreditation – what differentiates a good SuDS scheme from a poor one?Anthony McCloy, McCloy Consulting   Other than considering a scheme against available guidance, or the application of personal judgement, which ...  Read more
    SuDS in Scotland; Are we there yet? Comparing the legislative reality with the SuDS philosophy and desired outcomesNeil McLean, MWH   It is generally recognised that SuDS, in their current form were introduced to the UK through an initiative started by the Fo...  Read more
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    Hollickwood Primary School, London

    This project aimed to solve water quality and flooding issues as well as to enrich the school’s natural environment.

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    Guidance • Re: Standard Conditions My apologies, I have a copy of a document titled Guidance3: Application and Adoption. Within this document under the heading SuDS Conditions, it is suggested that there may be a list of standard con...  Read more
    Guidance • Re: Standard Conditions HiI think you may need to give further information and details. I'm afraid I'm not quite sure of the context.PaulStatistics: Posted by ...  Read more
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