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    Progress in preparing for Climate Change The Climate Change Committee's 2017 Report to Parliament sets out progress in preparing for climate change  Read more
    Welsh Government consults on implementation of SuDSThe Welsh Government is seeking views on their proposed approach to SuDS on new developments  Read more
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    Ever wondered where the rain goes?

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    The role of proprietary products in delivering treatment of surface water runoff as part of SuDS  When considering the treatment of surface water runoff as part of a SuDS design, the designer should always start by looking at the use of veg...  Read more
    A place for SuDS?Paul Shaffer, CIRIA/susdrain   Of course there is! So we know that SuDS makes sense yet examples of good SuDS delivery, particularly in resident...  Read more
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    Grovelands Park Wetlands, Enfield

    Wetlands intercept and treat urban surface water runoff before discharging it to a nearby stream

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    Update of the SuDS Manual

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