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Hydro International is a worldwide solutions provider for stormwater, wastewater and combined sewer overflow management.


With over 30 years experience of providing technically superior solutions, we are committed to meeting ever changing environmental needs and legislative requirements through the application of advanced vortex and complementary technologies


Our UK Stormwater Division is leading the way in the provision of integrated water management solutions and proprietary sustainable drainage systems offering a range of innovative products for the control, storage, treatment and re-use of stormwater and wastewater in the most cost effective and environmentally sustainable fashion.


We have an expert and dedicated workforce capable of offering advice and solutions to address the challenges of urban water management in both the stormwater market as well as the water and wastewater sector.


Our stormwater products include a range of innovative systems to control flows, remove pollutants, store water as well as providing the ability to re-use and recycle a precious resource.


Hydro are responsible for developing the useful and informative web resource – Engineering Nature’s Way – and are proud to be supporting and complementing the susdrain initiative. Engineering Nature’s Way promotes the use of the most appropriate techniques to mimic the natural paths and processes of surface water, from source to sea favouring ‘at source’ solutions and a catchment philosophy to controlling flow, volume and quality.


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