SuDS Awards 2022 Ceremony

scheduled for 14/07/2022

How to submit your SuDS Award & Champion entries?

SuDS Awards categories:

New housing development
1. Single house to small development with well thought out, good practice SuDS
2. Larger housing development (more than ten units) with SuDS masterplanned from the earliest stages
3. Campus developments – with their own challenges and opportunities
4. Early schemes – not yet completed but with a firm commitment to deliver and maintain high quality SuDS 

New commercial development
5. Any type of commercial/industrial development large or small that highlights good practice SuDS  

Community SuDS
6. Celebrating the work of communities in creating and/or managing good SuDS

Regeneration and retrofit- showing how SuDS improve existing places and spaces
7. Small scale (less than one hectare)
8. Large scale (greater than one hectare)

Catchment based solutions
9. Big picture, multiple and integrated surface water management solutions 

SuDS Champions – will be chosen from each of the following categories: established professional, rising star, outstanding team. 


14th of July, 2022
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